LIVE now offers more than a verification and valuation tool – we help you identify if a vehicle has been repaired.

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Buying or Selling a Vehicle?

Obtain retail, trade, market and residual values, and understand recent sales performance.

Vehicle pricing

Want to know a vehicle details before you price?

Get insight into the vehicle features at manufacture stage, the repair history and use the mobile app to instantly return real-time information.

make decisions

Make Informed Decisions

Validate, verify and understand everything there is to know about a vehicle, including any accidents the vehicle may have been in.

App Features

Repair History discloses whether a vehicle has been repaired, going back to 15 years’ worth of information. The date and city of repair are easily obtainable through either the mobile App or the website.

Instant electronic processing of contact information, storing copies of driver’s licences for test drives and form prepopulation of finance applications, eliminating paper work.

EzScore performs a basic affordability test on a potential customer, without performing a credit enquiry. It provides an indication of risk and financial affluence, estimating the person’s likelihood to qualify for finance.

The Financed Interest Information is the most accurate in the market, with information sourced in real-time. Our process is POPI compliant.

Trade and retail values on current year models, including a comprehensive list of vehicles available in the market. You can verify retail values against a list of the last 5 actual sales of a similar vehicle and adjust trade and retail values based on a vehicle’s mileage and condition.

Vehicle Verification offers accurate vehicle descriptions, validation of the VIN number, engine number, make, model and type.

App Features


Pricing is based on a bundle option, with additional transactions billed according to the bundle rate per report. All pricing is excluding VAT.
Customers who do more that 100 reports per month can sign up for a custom bundle with special pricing.

Standard Monthly Verifications
Bundle Options
Standard Monthly Verifications
with Accident Data Bundle Options
Option 1 5 Reports R272 pm R322 pm
Option 2 11 Reports R578 pm R688 pm
Option 3 17 Reports R847 pm R1017 pm
Option 4 24 Reports R1155 pm R1395 pm
Option 5 50 Reports R2310 pm R2810 pm
Option 6 100 Reports R4389 pm R5389 pm
Out of bundle scans Pro-rata rate for bundle selected
Pay Per Transaction Reports
Standard Verification R63 per report
Standard Verification with Accident Data R73 per report
Drivers License Scan R2 per report (Free on Bundle)
EzScore R12 per Report
Accident Data Only R10 per Report
Even though the Accident data is comprehensive, the fact that a record of a repair is not returned by the system doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been in an accident/been repaired; it may have been repaired by a smaller or non-approved repairer. The dataset is sourced through over 900 motor Body repairs who carry Major Manufacturer and Insurer approvals; no personal information is stored or relayed and the provision of the information is completely POPIA compliant.

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